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Black Sapphire Stage 4 Vx220

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Posted 08 March 2018 - 12:17 PM

Black Sapphire Stage 4 VX220 2.0l Turbo


Details below:-




Paint work has no bubbling whatsoever and has minimal orange peel. It is in generally good condition. Not just good condition for a car this age but genuinely good condition. The only area that could do with a machine polish is the ‘rear bumper’ part of the clam. With the decat I think it has caused excess soot to build up on the paintwork in between washes and hence has caused more swirls then in the other parts of the car. Where the rest of the car looks nice and reflective the ‘rear bumper’ looks a btt dull. This is shown in the pics of the rear end of the car. There are a few scratches and stone chips on the front end which again is to be expected given the age, and if you’re looking at this you know you’re buying a used car so won’t be expecting a showroom finish.


The car is also running staggered team dynamics pro race 1.2’s. 16’s up front and 17’s in the rear. Tyres have 6mm all around so plenty of life in them. The wheels themselves have no kerbing at all but they most definitely could do with a lick of paint. There is some caked in brake dust which is hard to remove and hence needs a repaint job.


I have also added a MMG rear diffuser onto the car. Purely because I thought it made the car look great.




Standard interior with original Alpine CD player. I have painted the dash panels black but all else is as it was out the factory. I have a red pinstripe running along the bottom of the dashpanel which can be removed. There is a side bolster wear on the driver’s seat which will need fixing but it’s not anything that’s not normal with a car this age.




This is a stage 4 conversion and I have all the paperwork to show when this was completed. Below I have listed the relevant performance parts added to this car.


Stage 4 – Courtenay Conversion(now running the MMG stage 4 map)

Airbox modifications,

Full stainless steel 3" 76mm exhaust system (including front pipe & de- cat),

Z20LEH (Astra VXR) Hybrid Turbo charger with stronger cast manifold,

Uprated Higher Flow Injectors,

Courtenay Sport Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel

Uprated 'Competition' Clutch

Pro Alloy Radiator

Pro Alloy Chargecooler

Pro Alloy Actuator

Lightened & Balanced Flywheel

Uprated Suspension Bushes

TTV Underdrive Pulley

ABS Cut-off Switch

Poly Bushes changed all around

Sports Inlet

Gaz Gold 2's


What can I say about the performance of the car? In a word…Savage. I heard so much about a Stage 4 being too much to handle etc etc I have not found this to be the case. You have to drive the car with respect, but unless your purposefully provocative the car will not bite.


My first job was to get the car remapped as I felt the Courtney map didn’t produce the drivability I wanted. I got MMG to remap the car with a more linear torque curve and the MMG boys remarked that they felt this was one of the best stage 4’s they had driven. There was a sticky turbo actuator present when I bought the car which put it into limp mode a couple of times on hard throttle. As I didn’t know how long this issue was present I took the step to not only replace the actuator but also the whole turbo unit. As I had planned on keeping the car for a long time I wanted to make sure I didn’t have issues when I took it on road trips. So the buyer will have a car with a turbo with less than 3,000 miles on it.


From a performance perspective this car is on another level. I have had a lot of work done on the car to maintain its longevity and now the new owner will have peace of mind that it’s a turn key stage 4 car which has had money spent on the right areas to keep it running for a long time to come.




Some of the below is covered above but for completenss this is a list of the things I have done while the car has been in my ownership:-


New VXR turbo kit/swap turbo/ancillaries/gaskets/re-stud

New Turbo Actuator

MMG Custom Stage 4 Remap

New Oil Change and Filter

New Rear Toe Links

New Hub Carrier Bolts

New Inner CV Boots

Full Service including Cambelt change(30th January 2018)

New Genuine VX Coil Pack





78,000 now kept in the garage for nice days so this mileage will not go up very much!




Clear. Happy to provide a full report to any serious buyers


Test Drives


Happy to take people but I won’t allow anyone else to drive it.




May 2018


Service History


Full service history. First few done at Vauxhall and the rest with specialists.


Price & Location


£14,500 - If you’re looking to buy on condition and not mileage, then this is the car for you.

West Bromwich


If you have this far then well done! I wanted to be as descriptive as possible to give anyone seriously considering buy this car a clear picture before venturing out to see it.


When I first bought the car I drove it daily and with zero issues. I have bought a new daily driver and the VXT has now been garaged for dry days only.


The reason for sale isn’t that it doesn’t get used or that I am buying a house, but it is simply that I need a toy with rear seats so I can take my wife and 9 month old daughter out. At the time when I bought the car I didn’t think I would take them both out and the VX would remain my toy but I think it would be nice to pull a car out the garage and go out as a family so my time in the VX will been cut short.  


I have had the car checked out recently when it was in for a service and asked for any issues to be pointed out and there was nothing to report.


All the work I have done should give someone a mechanically sound car with zero issues. I have been as honest as I can in this advert and I really think the new owner has some minor cosmetic stuff to do and once that has been dealt with will have one of the best Stage 4 VX’s out there.









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Posted 16 March 2018 - 05:23 PM

price dropped to £14,000 won't be going any lower then this.

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