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Vx220 Buyers Checklist.

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#21 Wolfstone



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Posted 02 January 2013 - 08:27 PM

It would still be worth making this thread a sticky though James. I've seen plenty of potential owners asking for just this sort of guidance. chinky chinky

#22 JohnTurbo



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Posted 02 January 2013 - 09:39 PM

Good list indeed. Many are subjective/considerations of course. - The first thing I did when I got my Turbo was bin the locking wheelnuts. I only just remember the olden days when cars were up on bricks having had the stock alloy wheels nicked. haha I guess mine falls foul of a good few of those - but you wouldnt have to remove the lights to find out there is some fibreglass work done etc. Clam fixing points is a good one to add perhaps. Mine was missing loads of bolts when I got it from the front clam.

#23 xtremeVX220



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Posted 14 February 2013 - 07:17 PM

MrSimba just what i was looking for as been saving and hoping to buy a vx this summer as thanks to stuwy meeting and taking me for a spin i fell in love with the car , but as its not your normal car i was interested what to look out for when buying one

#24 ChrisS1


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Posted 14 February 2013 - 08:02 PM

Check fuel cap Let car idle and check fans come on Check cig lighter works (mainly for sat nav)

#25 MrSimba


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Posted 14 February 2013 - 10:00 PM

MrSimba just what i was looking for as been saving and hoping to buy a vx this summer as thanks to stuwy meeting and taking me for a spin i fell in love with the car , but as its not your normal car i was interested what to look out for when buying one

Great! I'll rest happy one person found it useful anyway!!!! :D

* dont forget to take the headlights out of the first one you view! :lol: :lol: :lol:

#26 Nimrod



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Posted 04 April 2014 - 11:24 PM

You guys should come and check cars for plonkers like me.  I'd happily pay to have an experienced VX guy check out the car I'm buying.  This whole process makes me nervous as it's taken nearly a year to save the money and I could blow it in a breath.  Don't want to risk a years saving by just crossing my fingers.... :(


Great list.. I will remember the vital ones and see how I get on... thumbsup

#27 WrightStuff


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Posted 22 March 2019 - 06:51 PM




Check panel gaps
Check the soft top / hard top seals tightly to the windows.
Soft top condition, check seams for tears, check cables for tightness & fit.
Check every panel for scratches / bubbling / cracks (scuffing of paint round the rear lights is common/normal).
Check for overspray on grills / inner arches / inner sills
Check both doors open from both the outside & the inside!
Gently lift the door to check for play in the hinge
Check bonnet / boot release freely
Look underneath front clam for scrape marks or 'grounding'
Is the exhaust heat shield still there?
Check bottom corners of doors, edges of bonnet, being GRP these are easily damaged.
Check windscreen for stonechips
Check lights for stone chips / exsessive misting / water ingress.
Tyres check for uneven wear, remaining tread.
Wheels check for curbing / scuffing

Check crash box and front towing bracket condition with a torch pointed through the front V/grille (limited visibility).

Front bonnet

Is the front tow eye present?
Is the locking wheel nut present?
Covers on fusebox / relay box?
tyreweld can present? - though will need changing every few years anyway!
Does the radiator look like its been used as a tool tray! are the cooling fins bent or 'as new'?
Does the radiator have plastic or alloy ends? bonus for all alloy radiator!

Does the radiator show any sign of seepage? .e.g. dried water spots round the crimp joints 
lift the washer bottle & check battery condition & check no acid has ever been spilled from it onto chassis.
Check level & condition of brake / clutch fluid

Engine bay

Check condition of expansion tank, is it yellowed & cracked?
Check coolant level
Check oil level & colour
Check heatshield for rattles
Remove boot carpet & look for water / body repairs to inner clam.
If possible check tension on aux belt
Check for non-standard items in engine bay & identify.

Check dual fuel lines are still secured to their mount and not free to waggle about. ** SAFETY ITEM **

Check for gearbox breather pipe fitted. A non OE item but every car should have one really.

Exhaust, standard or aftermarket?


Does the drivers seat 'rock' when you try to move it?
Check ALL gauges & switches work, check lights / wipers / hazard lights / indicators / trip re-set on stack dash ect.
Check all dash lights including EML / ABS come on and go off when car is started.
Check drivers seat bolster for wear.
Check plastic sill covers for cracks / damage
Check heater dials move freely and with full range
Does the steering wheel feel 'tight' check for play in universal joint.
Panel behind seats which the soft top bars clip into check for damage / cracks.

Mechanical checks

Check engine is cold & start the car, does it start easily?
listen for knocking, excessive tapping, or bad mechanical noises!
Check clutch for slippage
Let engine warm up & check engine fan comes on / check temp fan comes on.
when warm check for excessive blue / white smoke from exhaust & identify.



Check chassis number / engine number is correctly listed on V5
Chassis number is on a plate on the NS & visible through the windscreen, it is also stamped into the chassis behind the OS front wheel.
2.0 Turbo engine number is located on the side of the block at the rear facing the bulkhead where the engine mates to gearbox (left hand side as you look into engine bay.
2.2 NA Engine number is stamped into the oil filter housing
Service history? - No matter the milage yearly or 10,000miles minimum!
Timing belt for turbo - TIS recommends 4 years or 40k miles (should be taken as a maximum). Should check receipts to prove tensioners and water pump has been done at same time.Check ALL receipts.
Timing chain for n/a - Pre engine number 11065400 (roughly up to 2003) had a smaller oil jet which can block. Later cars should be fitted with larger type. Either can however fail and any tapping noises from the chain on startup should be assessed carefully. Lifespan of a timing chain is generally up to 100k miles, although many owners change far before this.
Ask owner if uprated (10.9) hub carrier bolts fitted? ** SAFETY ITEM **
Is the 'Red' immobiliser card present?
Is the locking wheel nut number present?
Is the stereo 'code' present?

Extra checks

If possible ask the owner to -

Remove the headlights and check inside of the front clam for accident damage (NO owner will agree to this in truth!)

Remove the wheels & check for chassis damage - particularly on wishbone mounting points
Check rear wishbone tops for 'dinks' or marks where it has contacted chassis, especially if running low ride heights.
Suspension, Standard or Aftermarket?
Check coil mounts on suspension for any signs of cracking
Visually check brake pad thickness
Visually check rubber bushes on wishbones / front ARB
Visually check toe-links condition. Replace badly corroded ones at earliest opportunity.  ** SAFETY ITEM **


whilst car is jacked up grab front wheels and turn back and forth to check for play in steering rack.
whilst car is jacked up look at undertrays for any signs of damage.


#28 slindborg


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Posted 04 April 2019 - 04:02 PM

I'd be amazed if any VX220 still has HPI on it :lol:

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