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Posted 10 December 2018 - 09:35 PM

Hi all, signed up as I'm currently looking to buy an N/A VX and this seems like a great forum!


I've had a fairly eclectic car history:

  • Obligatory 1.0l Corsa B - which taught me more about conserving momentum than anything else
  • mk4 Golf GT TDi - lowered beyond all levels of utility and utterly ruined for the sake of looks
  • mk2 Jetta - started as a 1.3, then went to a 2.0 on bike carbs before I fitted a 2.8 VR6 then finally a 2.9 VR6 and a fully overhauled chassis
  • mk2 MR2 - a £500 car which lasted one brilliant year before it broke and i got £750 selling it off in bits on ebay
  • mk3 Supra - fast in a straight line but thirsty as hell!
  • mk4 Mondeo estate (diesel) - as I was practically living on the M1 at the time
  • mk4 Legacy saloon - for a sensible 3 months over winter, before I swapped it for:
  • mk1 Mazda MX5 - the most fun I've had in a RWD car until I rolled it one icy morning the following winter
  • R32 Skyline GTR - owned for 3 and a half fantastic years until I had to sell up due to relocation (no garage in the new place)
  • B5 audi A4 diesel - a £400 skip which was (ab)used for taking rubble bags to the tip whilst we renovated our first home
  • R27 Clio F1 - the most fun I've had in a FWD car bar none (especially after the A4)
  • D5 V70 - Ex-police (Nottingham armed response - it came with a 20-page service record that made for interesting reading!), owned for 4 whole days until someone wrote it off for me when the driver of an oncoming car passed out behind the wheel...
  • mk4 Legacy Estate Spec B (the one with the N/A 3.0 boxer 6 engine) - my current daily driver; sounds fantastic and nobody has a clue what it is!

here's a few pics of some of the highlights:






Having recently moved into a new place and regained a garage it's time for me to get something fun and a VX ticks all the boxes for me - whilst I loved my Skyline more than any of my other cars, my MX5 was the best fun at legal speeds and that's why I'm here now as I'm missing that feeling only a small, lightweight car can give you! I'll be using the car for commuting, road trips and weekend blasts plus maybe the odd track day once my weekends calm down slightly.




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Posted 10 December 2018 - 09:52 PM

Welcome to the asylum. Be prepared to travel to find the right one for you. Jon seal sports cars (jonnyboy on the site) has some great examples of vx220's. He's a top bloke and he'll look after you. 

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Posted 11 December 2018 - 01:59 PM

Have you driven one or had a pax ride in one ?

They are very compromised compared to your list above.

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Posted 11 December 2018 - 06:51 PM

What he said. Commuting in a VX takes some commitment. Defo get a pax ride in the different variants if you can.

Welcome, and good luck with your search.

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Posted 11 December 2018 - 09:19 PM

Thanks gents, I'm lucky enough to have a relatively short, fun commute and I've always got the Subaru for those days when I'm feeling too delicate so it's not like I'll be forced to commute in the VX if I don't want to. 


My MX5 was stripped, bucket seats/harnesses etc. and I commuted in that happily enough - I know it's not in the same league as a VX but I'm not going into this blind and I'm in the market for one precisely because it's more focussed than my previous cars 

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