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Vx220 2.2 Na Not Starting Please Help.

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Posted 13 February 2019 - 06:56 PM

Hi all


New to the forum just signed up today as I have a problem with my 2.2 n/a.


Would be really grateful for any help.


Used the car all last week and parked up outside on Friday. Went to start the car today and the battery was very very low dash lights dim. I thought strange as new battery only a month ago and four days isn’t a long time not used.

Discounted the negative popped charge on for a few hours.

Connected negative and could hear the what i think fuel pump running even with key out.

Went to start car and  a random temp comes up say 118 then its just flash’s 999 was fine before.

Yellow ecu light flashs twice i can’t remember if that’s normal?

Fuel pump seems to prime.

Turn key (hit button) engine spins fast battery sound healthy but doesn’t even attempt to start.


Have tried following:

Checked spark plug nice and dry.

Check battery terminals.

Removed battery and tightened earth strap.

Ran jump leads from negative terminal to engine earth strap.

Tightened gearbox earth strap.

Removed and all three relays and put back in place.

Tried removing fuse 8 ecu fuse.

Pressed crash button a number of time in engine bay it hasn’t triggered.

Alarm fob is working turns alarm on and off.


Im not sure if its when the battery gets low but the fuel pump seems to start running by itself even when the key is not in the ignition? If I turn ignition on and off it seems to stop the fuel pump but then if I leave the car for a while it seems to come back on again but as iv been messing with it all afternoon I cant be 100% sure on this bit.


Kind of at a loss now any other ideas?






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