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Vx220 Pile Up

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#1 turbo2015


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 01:54 PM

I was looking for a picture of a good looking sliver VX220, came across this, looks like a mass culling of vx220's :0(


I yet to find a good looking sliver vx220, jokes aside ive been offer a sliver vx220 and looking to see what can be done. Whats the best looking sliver one that you have seen.





#2 tommobot


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:06 PM

Oh my, thats not an image i've seen before..  :mellow:


I know there was a big smash involving a couple of VX's on the M25 in monsoon conditions about 10 years ago on the way to a car limits day

#3 coldel


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:08 PM

Yes that looks like a club day out on country road gone wrong, at least 3-4 cars with damage.

#4 smiley


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:18 PM

Silver is absolutely not my color, but when nicely detailed, a bit lowered and on silver DTC's they are a thing of beauty.



Please don't get a silver one to tart up.

Get another color as a base, as no stickers or ornaments can get the silver away.

#5 oggster


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 06:49 PM

Bloddy hell that pic🙈

#6 PaulCP


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 09:21 PM

Was that from one of the “Zig Zag Hill” Chase Meets some 10-12 years ago?


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#7 rob999


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 09:44 PM

According to Darron in FB you’re right Paul 👍

#8 Crazyfrog (Fab)

Crazyfrog (Fab)


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Posted 25 March 2019 - 10:00 PM

Was that from one of the “Zig Zag Hill” Chase Meets some 10-12 years ago?


  can see mine paul :)  on that pic

#9 ChrisS1


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Posted 26 March 2019 - 09:31 AM

Silver with silver Speedlines


#10 -Dab-of-Oppo-



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Posted 26 March 2019 - 12:16 PM

Probably a bit ‘marmite’ so not claiming its the best looking silver one i’ve seen but my car is quite different to the norm. Personally love black on silver for the VX, I think it's one of the best colours for showing off the cars lines and was my top choice when looking to buy.



#11 MartinS


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Posted 26 March 2019 - 04:14 PM

I went on a few of those events and don't remember that accident!


Never nice to see a broken vx let alone a few of them.


Martin S


#12 C8RKH


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Posted 26 March 2019 - 10:46 PM

They weren't broken down. They were crashed and broken!

#13 chris_uk


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Posted 27 March 2019 - 01:26 PM

I was there, i was the red one behind the silver vx on that pic.

Nobody was driving like a twat or speeding, it was a national speed limit road and we was about 4th /5th car back.. the road went over a crest and bent to the left with a road junction to the right on the bend. the leader had stopped to let someone out Of that junction and the cars stopped behind, the silver car couldnt see over the crest so went over it to be met by a parked vx.. he slammed on but couldnt stop in time so hit the back of the blue, which hit the red which hit the next etc.. i just managed to stop behind the silver one and on top of the crest.

This happened years ago, 2011 i think

#14 Guy182


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Posted 11 April 2019 - 09:07 PM

Mine was the blue one. The yellow one wasnt damaged, he was behind the silver car and managed to swerve up onto the path and dodge us all.


As chris says, there was a junction just after a hill, a car was turning right so we were backed up to the top of a hill and the guy in the silver one behind me couldn't stop in time.


There was another silver one infront of the red one.


10mile from Cockermouth in the lake district. Once on the phone to the police they knew exactly where we were as there had been lots of accidents there.



But it was 14th september 2008!


Where does the time go. I miss that car.

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