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Car Pulling To Left

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#1 paul_mck



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Posted 21 October 2019 - 08:24 AM

Hey all, done a bit of work to the car recently and it seems to be pulling to the left now. Its pretty subtle but once it starts going it really does go left. I did:


- new steering UJs - the wheel ended up pointing a little to the right as the bottom UJ obviously didnt go on exactly the same way as the old one


- rack riser plates. I fitted nitrons so it was a good bit lower


It was at this point I noticed the pull. Prior to that I fitted rear toelinks then had a basic alignment done (one TRE seized so wasnt brilliant), and adjusted the camber a little following alignment. Did a trackday and all seemed ok (that I remember). Car was driving really well.


After the trackday I noticed some slack in the steering so I replaced the UJs which fixed the problem but left the wheel off centre. i fitted the riser plates and replaced both TREs as one was seized so that I could get a proper alignment again and hopefully be done with it until spring.


Having the alignment done again the second time made no difference to the pulling

front and rear toe are equal

trying to test on flat road (obviously most roads camber to the left naturally)

Front left caliper does not feel hot

If Im steering to the right a little it will still pull left

the camber on both left wheels is more negative than both right sides (though it was like this before and it was ok)


Any thoughts appreciated, Ill post a pic of the alignment sheet later.

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#2 aquilaproejct



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Posted 21 October 2019 - 10:24 AM

Toe adjustment doesn't cause a pull. It can only create a steering wheel angle offset, i.e crabbing down the road with no effort to hold straight.

Camber can cause pull,
so can unequal tyre pressure.
So can the basic tyre carcass and tread pattern design.

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