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Engine Start Button

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#1 RC220



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Posted 08 May 2024 - 08:14 PM

Hi .Org,


I have an odd query for you.  My car is now starting on the key, not the engine start button.  It is a 2.2 n/a.  It had a full service and timing chains replaced in April.  It went to garage with the rear clam off.  It started and ran perfectly in that state - I drove it there and back ... less than 2 miles on a straight country road and in daylight if anyone is worried!  I subsequently fitted Spitfire's brace bar (but chickened out of the chassis shim replacement as I need another pair of hands for that).  I put the rear clam back on - thanks .Org for the guides - drove it on Sunday and Monday and all was fine.

When I turned the key this evening the engine just started, where usually the various noises would happen then you push the start button.  There was an 'extra' noise for about a minute then totally normal.  I had to start the car 5 times on this journey and the same thing happened each time.

Any ideas what this is or how to fix?

Thanks in advance,



#2 stevieturbo



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Posted 09 May 2024 - 07:07 PM

Is the extra noise the starter remaining engaged ?


Either the button wiring has shorted, or shorted to ground, or more likely there is an issue with the yellow starter relay at the rear, that is either stuck on, or sticking etc.

#3 RC220



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Posted 10 May 2024 - 01:58 PM

Hi Steve,


Thanks for replying.  I am not sure what the noise is.  It doesn't sound like the starter motor but it is hard to tell with the engine running.  That does make perfect sense though and was what I thought.  I will check the relays in the boot as they have all been disconnected then reconnected as part of the clam off / on process - so they have recently been disturbed.


Kind regards



#4 Ivor


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Posted 10 May 2024 - 03:05 PM

Look for connectors pushed back in the relay connector block too.

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