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General Election Looming

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Posted Today, 07:19 AM

It was $2 to the £ in around 2007.


Knife crime in the US is still worse than ours.


I've personally observed the £ declining against most of the other major currencies for decades now, Brexit (and a long enduring aftermath) is going to make that decline faster IMO. For instance, when I went to Switzerland this year I was staggered by the price of food, honestly it was dramatically expensive. Yet when I was a young child we used to holiday there and not really notice the costs.

The crazy US gun/knife crime stats are city based I'm sure, so long as you don't chose to move to down-town Chigago etc I doubt one would notice it TBH.

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Posted Today, 07:26 AM

Rose spectacles again. Life in rural US is damned hard for the people who live there with no jobs, poor town and county funding and infrastructure that in place borders on 3rd world etc. Again, it's about wealth and job.

I love the US. It's stunningly beautiful in many places. But if you want quality of life you need to be urban, unless you want to live a remote life.

However. As I said good luck. What car would you have there? Some wonderful roads.

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Posted Today, 10:31 AM

As someone else said.


I are Blue, I are remain... WHAT THE fcuk DO I DO?!!?!??!?!??

Half tempted to just not fcuking vote, which is a crime imho

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Posted Today, 10:42 AM

You vote Blue as Corbyn will just fook you over more anyway, unless you are:


1. Unemployed currently (you will be soon into Corbyn's reign anyway)

2. Employed in an industry that is heavily unionised - as they will make sure you keep a job right until the industry fails because they have made it non competitive

3. In education - cos you my son are going to get all sorts of free stuff thrownj at you under Corbyn so why would you not want to be in education


Brexit will happen, so vote Blue, let's get it done, and move on.

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Posted Today, 10:57 AM

I are Blue, I are remain... WHAT THE fcuk DO I DO?!!?!??!?!??

The tactical voting sites are telling me to vote Labour in my constituency. There's just no way that's viable for me. I'd rather have the hardest of hard brexits than put my cross anywhere near those lunatics (and they'll be even more lunatic after this election now they've binned off most of the remaining New Labour types).

I'd vote for whatever tree hugging numpty the Greens put up but that's just likely to mean the current Labour guy gets back in.

Rock and a hard place.

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